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In the example code at the end of this article, notice that I’m checking the state of an imaginary field called ‘Status’.

Contrary to some claims, I’ve not yet found an automatic way that you can detect the before and after state of a field in the on Row Updated method.

Data Grid Example " data-medium-file=" Sometimes using Web Forms controls is not well documented and unintuitive, which is the case with the event, where a lot of information available online is incorrect or misleading. If they do (or if they don’t), then please leave a comment.

w=300" data-large-file=" NET control; in particular with how to detect and record changes after the user has saved data in the Grid View.

I set breakpoint and found the code just pass old values to commit the update.

Just use the Data Field (column name) To access the new values, like in the following example: int category ID = Convert. New Values["Category ID"]); string first Name = Convert. New Values["First Name"]); SQLData Source parameter insertion: Sanitisation and formatting Multiple projects in a solution with just one Config file by environment Dynamic controls missing in application on postback event of dynamic control Mailto not working IE linternet protected mode is enable Ways to allow users to change the color scheme of their account page ASP. NET MVC Date attribute ignored Can't Set Background on Master Page How to design a Model in ASP.

For example, maybe you want to check if the has user actually changed anything before you save the before and after information to a historical table.

In this case, you can use the on Row Updated method to check before and after values for the field you are interested in.

event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the Grid View control updates the row.This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as canceling the update operation, whenever this event occurs.A Grid View Update Event Args object is passed to the event-handling method, which enables you to determine the index of the current row and to indicate that the update operation should be canceled.In this case you have the option of catching the update event before the database update happens (method is triggered after the Grid View’s update event has happened.This can be a useful opportunity to save information to a historical record.

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