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The best known version of this myth comes from Pindar’s (9.5).The famous Greek historian Herodotus describes the difficulties of the Theran’s agriculture shortly before they dispatched the expedition to North Africa: for many months, there was no rain and almost all trees in the island died.

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All this time it was owned by Bill Giannakouras of Greek City internet Services, it was hosted by Secure IP Pty Ltd.The springs where the Greeks chose to found the city were identified as the domain of the Kyrene (since her mother was a water nymph), hence the city’s Greek name Kurene.The Latin version of the name that the Romans used is Cyrene.When these have been collected, those of the middle region beyond the coastal area [...] become ripe for gathering.After the crops of the middle region have been collected, the high inland area ripens and bear its products.

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