Girls with foot fetishes hook up

“Culturally, leather has a lot of power,” says Sitron.

“It’s a symbol of the bad-boy, motorcycle jacket archetype.” Make it happen: Don’t break out the hardcore gear in the beginning.

(Sir Mix-a-Lot was right.)There’s even a name for this: pygophilia.

“If people feel powerful and have an authoritarian position in their job or family, they often seek something very different.” Bondage may not seem like a true fetish, but that’s probably just because it’s become more mainstream. Still, some psychologists argue that act of bondage is simply a convenient forum for often-eroticized objects, like leather.

“But if you take the same fetish down to a level 2—a partner saying, ‘Why don’t you tie my wrists to the bedpost?

’—it seems really realistic and ordinary.”Translation: Having a fetish doesn’t necessarily mean wanting to wear adult diapers or a furry costume.

We just made out and I told him he could play with my feet if he wanted to.

Woman A: I was a teenager and already knew about the fetish because he was my best friend prior to dating.

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