Girl code rules dating

When followed correctly, girl code shows women how to treat each other with respect and kindness.

Break a girl code rule, and you’re in danger of losing at least one friend, or just alienating yourself from everyone for a bit. Wait until your friend gets inside before you drive away Snowy-: When you drop your friend off at her house, you don’t drive off until she’s all the way safely inside. Because someone might jump out from the bushes and kidnap her.

But let’s be real, this situation should just be avoided at all costs.

Girl code is not just a hilarious show on MTV – it’s a way of life.

__Then the other really should help initiate conversation with that person, and once the ice is broken, extricate herself from the situation.

If this means keeping the Ugly Friend engaged in conversation, then so be it.__B) both like the same person.

The world would be a better place if we tried being nice to each other instead of always trying to put others down.

We sent a bunch of women a series of questions pertaining to the etiquette of female friendships, as it pertains to dating: Can you date a friend's ex?

And while that sounds rigid and annoying, it’s actually pretty great.

What if you hate your BFF's current significant other?

What's the best way to react to a girlfriend's breakup?

Be there for your friend who just got out of a bad relationship rulenumber303: If your friend falls out of contact with you because she’s been dating an asshole who alienates everyone, she’s welcome back when she dumps him or needs support to dump him… Be nice to all girls instead of putting them down Sabinathe Brain: You know which brocode we, women, should incorporate into the system?

How about instead of criticizing and trying to be a mean to other women we empower them and say something positive about each other?

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