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But no, this is another mindscrew episode that makes no sense, and makes the moral come off as even more ridiculous.So, it's time to drop the population bomb on everyone, and it's time to review this thing.He then gets chewed out by his boss named Captain Grosstail (a little on the nose there), for turning the machine off. Polluted, awful, and full of tiny little mouse cars.When he realizes Wheeler can talk, he goes to consult someone named General Claw. After the nuclear bombs went off, and caused polluted rain, it turned ordinary rodents into humanoid creatures which are highly intelligent and are technologically advanced on par with the human race. Maybe I should feel bad for this society crumbling so quickly, but OMIGOD IT' S SO CUTE!

Well, until Brain makes Chia Earth, what are you gonna do? Wheeler is still not convinced, and is fine with the idea of being a baby daddy to as many kids as he wants, and decides to take some of his frustration out on some windsurfing.After giving the building his "seal of approval" (because he sealed up the broken piece, get it?It's funny because Ted Turner), Captain Planet then complains that there are far too many people in the city, and that the planet is essentially screwed if there are too many people in it.There's a lot of great bad things, or demonstrations of it's age.If I give one on genuine quality, it's probably around a 2, it's just so goofy and ridiculous.

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