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“When she needed to know programming, for example, she learned it, all on her own.She was a very good problem solver.” For eight years, Rohinie performed various roles at York, including stints as a technical writer, manager of the math department web page and general computing support provider, all while completing her Bachelor of Administrative Studies in 2004 and, in June 2007, her MBA.According to an ex-boyfriend of Rohinie’s, life at home was tightly controlled, and she grew increasingly resentful of her parents, especially her father, a devout Hindu with a conservative parenting style.The ex, whom I’ll call Geoffrey, agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity.Some time after that, her father, fed up with her behaviour, took her to a Hindu healer for what he considered a cleansing ritual.Rohinie was made to remove her clothes in front of her father and have chicken blood poured on her.She apparently had little time for after-school fun.Like her siblings, she was expected to work in the family store in her free time.

Christmas was two weeks away, and Junor was looking forward to hosting 35 family members for their first Christmas in the new home.

Throughout, she lived at home, where she felt increasingly suffocated.

Her father disapproved of her wearing makeup, despite the fact that she was by this point in her late 20s.

After graduating from Monarch Park in 1993, Rohinie attended U of T Scarborough, studying sciences, while living at home.

In the last year of her degree, she landed an internship at the Consumer Health Organization of Canada, a Toronto-based non-profit that focuses on holistic and alternative health care.

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