Ga k8ns ultra 939 updating bios

We suspect that the answer has to do with the cost difference between the VIA and Realtek solutions.

You can find more information on the recently released ALC850 at Realtek.

This includes CPU speed, AGP Asynchronous (Fixed) select, CPU ratios, and CPU/DIMM/AGP/VDD (2.5V) voltage.

The enthusiast settings not found in Frequency/Voltage Control can be found in Advanced Chipset Featrures.

The back panel also includes PS2 mouse and keyboard, parallel, 1 serial, 1 standard Firewire (IEEE1394a), 4 USB, and a Gigabit Ethernet.

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Most of the options of interest to overclockers are contained in the Frequency/Voltage Control menu.

The K8TPro-939 supports two SATA connectors driven by the VIA Southbridge. Soltek also supplies a Promise controller that supports two additional SATA drives and 2 more IDE drives.

Drives can be configured as RAID on the Promise, but they cannot be combined in a RAID with the VIA drives. While the LAN is specified as 1 Gigabit, it is controlled by the PCI bus, which can limit throughput severely in some situations.

For more information on this chipset, you can refer to our launch article for the chipset: VIA K8T800 PRO: PCI/AGP Lock and 1000 Hyper Transport for Athlon 64 The K8T800 Pro is targeted at both Socket 939 and Socket 754, and it provides 1000 HT speed to all current Athlon 64 sockets.

This contrasts to n Vidia's n Force3-250 family, which has both 800 HT and 1000 HT versions depending on the target board.

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