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I have absolutely no respect for anyone involved in this shitty garbage and hope to never hear from either 'artist' again. So there you go.25 Jahre nach dem Original ein Tophit in NL und Skandinavien, aber auch in den UK Charts Top-10.

Bei uns nur Top-20 und dennoch auf Platz 61 der Jahreshitparade. I actually reviled this on first listen, and it isn't hard to see why.

The fact that what I originally described about the tackiness and lack of passion and effort means it reminds me of my most awkward sexual experiences and just no no no no no no no no no no no no.

Also that video was cringeworthy and not even amusing.

The vocals in particular just don't do it for me, they make me cringe in fact.

Sex workers can be individual members of ICRSE and sex worker led organisations can be members too.1.4A song about sex really should not sound like this.Everything about it feels lifeless and/or tacky, why even bother?Yet another tropical house track that destroys decent pre-2000s songs and turns it to an utter pile of shit.This dumbed down piece of trash is clearly made to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the masses and is just utterly offensive to my ears. It had potential but it doesn't go anywhere and relies on the novelty of the original song to be interesting...which I happen to not find interesting.

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