Friends reunited dating uk

It was set up by a husband and wife duo, Steve and Julie Pankhurst. The site was set up in July 2000, and was sold to British broadcaster ITV in December 2005.

At this point, the site had over 15 million members, exceeding the founder's aims and had been used for many more ways than it was designed for.

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On 18th January 2016, Friends Reunited announced that it was closing.“I've happy memories of finding the boy who threw me in a lake and telling him I'm now a best-selling author.” Its website was basic and clunky, but in the first few years of the 21st century all websites were basic and clunky.Its appeal was all-consuming, often dangerously so: more than once was it cited in divorce cases.Later they gave a definite deadline of 26th February.They claimed that "the world was now a different place" and that they could no longer fit in and compete with companies like Facebook.

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