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Austin) continuing to compete to become the leading wizard in their family.

Also starring in the series are Maria Canals Barrera and David De Luise as their parents, Theresa and Jerry, and Jennifer Stone as Alex's best friend, Harper Finkle.

When wizard students stay at the Russos' due to Wiz Tech being closed down, Ronald Longcape Jr. Alex feels guilty when she thinks she's falling in love with Ronald.

Ronald gets rid of Dean and then transforms into him as to break up with Alex so he can be with her.

Dean is back and starts calling Alex his girlfriend.

Tired of lying to her best friend, she reveals magic to Harper by taking her into space on her birthday.

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Alex then reveals she's in love with Dean, so is transformed back.Our membership base is filled with exciting singles from France and around the world making it easy to connect with someone looking for the same thing as you.Whether your specific interests are French culture, geography, language, cuisine, art, or any and all things French, then create your free profile and start connecting today!Dean then enters it in a race once fixing it, but Alex gets mad when her family begin to like Dean and he doesn't spend as much time with her.Alex then transports herself into the car during the race to talk to Dean, who reveals he likes her. After Alex eliminates the other couples so that she can be alone with Dean, she realizes he wants to kiss her.

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