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Compared to some other EU markets, French engagement on Facebook is high.

We recorded over 20 sites with more than 1 million combined monthly engagement in December, compared to just five in Germany.

We last looked at the German picture one year before, in is out in front, with over 2.3 million engagements on their December content.

It doesn’t appear to be a once-off – their numbers were even greater in November.

For these rankings, we looked at total Facebook interactions (likes shares comments) on content published in December 2015 only.

France has provided €20 million in funding to the SRTF since 2014.This is the first time we’ve looked at the national picture in the Irish Republic.The numbers reflect the smaller market (total population: 4.6 million), but Facebook has deep reach in Ireland.This being Germany, it’s particularly interesting to look at the positioning of various Axel Springer titles.Tabloid site Bild has slightly less interactions since we last checked, but still extremely strong in the German market.

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