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A private message from Mafeking re- ports that all was well there on Monday Xov. The details of the fighting at Mafeking, received by way of Cape Town and Magalpye, relate to the en- gagement of Oct. Our vast sea coast, our river navigation and our great lakes have in service docu- mented and undocumented vessels exceed- ing 8,000,000 tonnage. Wounded, Arthur Radzinski, sergeant; Herbert Harpold, sergeant, G.

Nevertheless, there will be consider- able anxiety here until the war office or some independent version of the latest developments at Ladysmith is known. Is pleasant reading to the British, as it shows the garrison was cheerful, well provisioned and con- fident. who, it has been annrivate and public welfare demands that these roads be so managed as nut to oppress the i)eople or make discriminating charges between cit- izens or localities In freight and pasr-en- Ki r rates, but should give to all cltizete for business, but as conducted, the rail- ways are the main support of trusts. acting hospi- tal steward; Thirty-third infantry, Love'l E. Robinson, corporal, H; Willie Boone, H; Smack Mitchell, L; Arthur Pettus, E.

The Haymakers, an auxiliary order of the Red Men, has be^en or.ganized in West Duluth w Ith about forty memlers.

Reyno Ms, special a gem of the Thuringia Insurance company, was in West Duhiih yesterday.

«f ALBERTSON The result of the cannonade men- tioned, and the opening of muskv Uv fire implies, it is claimed, that the lioers were obliged to stop their artillery for fear cf hitting their own men, and that nothing further has been heard from this movement is regarded here as an indication that the threatened assault was unprepared and that the result was indecisive, otherwise.

Louis County, Lake and Cook Counties and City of Duluth; also Plats and Plat Books.

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Marie in eight months than passes through the Suez canal in a year. The pri- soner's father sat at the counsel table with his son today, as he did yesler- daj . Otis to- day reported the following casulaties: Wounded— In action at San Mateo, Nov. James Wright, K, Sixteenth infantry, both thighs, severe. VI, James Turner, I, Twenty-fourth infantry, neck, severe.

^ ■ I ■■ I ■ 1 1 :: Boys Will Cut Capers ■ I '» ■ ^ ■ ■* ■ I t f I I t T Ian Maclaren reveals the mother-heart perfectly in this one sentence-' 'There is no wholesome woman who does not rejoice in a boy and regard his most vexatious mischief with charity." Mother may re- prove, or even scold: but if the boy didn't romp she'd be very uneasy. yards, regular price — ^Q 9 A SPKCIAI 9€fm^9 -Art .

The only serious question is, how to keep boys comfortably clad— and handsome for school and Sunday school.

And its cheapest— es- pecially cheaper than clothing costing half as much. yesterday, one trooper nine were wounded." WEDNESDAY. THE LAST JFFORT Boers Believed to Have Made a General Attack on Ladysmllh. The Boers made a des- perate attempt to drive back the Britis'.i, and their rear trenches opened a territtii tire, in every direction, the tlash of th" rules lighting up the entire position. V.r"'"'" It is claimed that if the Boers gt)t their forces within 1500 \ardsof the Uritish position, it shows they fully realized the necessity of utilizing the brief interval before the arrival of British reinforcements to make a determined attempt to storm Gen. therefore, he had no choice but to as.sault the place ur retire to the passes of the Drakensburg. who allowed filthy, salted brisket beef to be furnished to the troops." The war office has accepted a gift of 10.000 p! These puddings will ag- gregate upwards of ten tons In weight. with the First bri- gade staff, the Third battalion of Gren- adiers and a detachment of the lloyal engineers; the transport Manilla with the Second Devonshires, and the' trans- port Nomadie, with their mounts have arrived at Cape Town. with the Koyal Irish Rifles has .sailed from Cape Town for East Lcjndon.

A nail of bullets rattled on the roofs of the nouses of the town. White's last pigeon-post as an- nouncing a renewal uf the bombard- ment, since which nothing had been re- ceived, except rumors from Kstjourt, that the bombardment was suspended Nov. o W5 Veterai MBALMEO BEEF, .f h 10 CENT CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS. in the hc»pe of involving the pursuing Brit- ish in the intricate fastnesses of the mountains. NATIONAL ^ANGE The Third Annual Session Being Held in Spring- field, Ohio.

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