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With significant logistical and political support from the United States and Britain, Saudi Arabia continued its destructive military campaign in neighboring Yemen, where groups loyal to Saudi-backed president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi were locked in a civil war against Houthi rebels and allied forces linked to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Saudi leaders maintained that the Houthis, who sometimes launched raids or missile attacks across Saudi Arabia’s southern border, were proxies for Shiite-ruled Iran, the kingdom’s regional rival.

In municipal elections held in 2015, women were able to vote and stand as candidates for the first time—a right granted by a 2011 royal decree.

Two-thirds of the seats on the 284 councils were open to voting, while the minister of municipal and rural affairs held responsibility for filling the remainder through appointment.

In a modest reform in April, the government announced that the religious police no longer had the authority to pursue or detain civilians, and that they could operate only during business hours, reporting violations to the civil police.

The religious police had faced public criticism for abusive behavior in recent years.

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Six months ago she got her first job, one of tens of thousands of women to do so as the government tackles prejudice against female employment.

Most importantly, a series of moves resulted in the dismissal of longtime oil minister Ali al-Naimi.

He was replaced by Khalid al-Faleh, chairman of the state oil company Aramco, who assumed control over a renamed Ministry of Energy, Industry, and Mineral Resources.

Women won approximately 1 percent of contested seats.

In May 2016, King Salman announced significant changes to the cabinet.

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