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Ultimately, the addiction cycle renders the person’s other support systems such as family, work, church, etc…

unmanageable and then the unmanageability reinforces the faulty belief system that got the whole process started in the first place.

You do not have to live a sexually chaotic or addicted life. Douglas Weiss said, you have the potential of having “a phenomenal three-dimensional sex life that will reach a plane of sexual success and satisfaction you never thought possible.” This three dimensional sex life involves relational intimacy on 3 levels: body, soul, & spirit.

The sports world has tapped into the power of sexuality as scantily clad cheer squads gyrate in sexually provocative moves.

We are conveniently located in Dublin, OH, off of Frantz. One of the greatest universal human desires is to be deeply loved and to love deeply—to be intimately known by another and to deeply know that person.

Our sexually chaotic culture does not need to have the final word regarding your sexuality.

There is no clinical diagnostic code for sex addiction.

However, it is clear that people do become addicted to pornography, masturbation, affairs, and other forms of sexual acting out.

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