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‘Heineken yen yen’ often results in a modestly cool bottle of beer.

But given the number of ladies, as long as you will buy them a drink you will never be short of someone to talk to here (or at least practise sign language with). You only get bar stools to sit on at the tables, or even less comfortable stools if you sit by the roadside (too much noise and too many exhaust fumes).

Beer, soft drinks and Thai whisky are reasonably priced with a 20 Baht supplement if bought as lady drinks.

Thai and mainly German food is available (the Frikadellen are very tasty) They had to change their venue as some of the shops north of the 711 on the corner of Soi Casa, Jomtien will be demolished soon to make way for yet another 4 rai, 32 storey mega-hotel.

They tend to be very un-inhibited behind the curtain.

Loads of girls, 15 at the moment, nothing too stunning, but a few are pretty cute all can talk English, some young some not so young and one Katoey, all the girls are pretty good crack and up for a laugh, especially if you go inside the bar and close the doors.....

I was enticed inside but it was a bit of a waste of time, the girl was simply not into anything that naughty uniform may suggest I first ran into one of Kevin's places when it was the Fresh Orange in Pattaya.

Found a lovely lady there that I kept the rest of the trip and then ran into several times later.

I called in two weeks ago and although there aren't too many ladies there I was made most welcome.

Very refreshing to go into a bar and be welcomed by a lady with a wet towel and a massage, especially when its this hot.

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