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• The Planetary Alphabet - Read Your Celestial Name, by Dane Rudhyar. In this engaging article, which requires new prior knowledge of astrology, Dane Rudhyar - composer, philosopher and astrologer - uses the nativities of famous composers to present two fundamental approaches to music - Venusian Music and Neptunian Music. This article - which first appeared a few years before Rudhyar's The Astrology America's Destiny - neatly summarizes the main features of Rudhyar's time-proven 13 Sagittarius Rising United States birth-chart. ADDED • The Future of Astrology - Profession or Revelation? Learn what Rudhyar had to say about it when the issue of the "legalization" of astrology was a hot issue in the 1970s. ADDED • The Three Faces of Your Horoscope, by Dane Rudhyar. This read is an easy and rewarding way to expose yourself to Rudhyar's astrological work. If you find the Khaldea Calendar useful, please make a Freewill Donation to help make it possible.

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If you want to watch films offline or carry a lot of music, look for a tablet with 32 GB and up.

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THE PULSE OF LIFE - New Dynamics in Astrology, by Dane Rudhyar.

Storage Like laptops and mobile phones, tablet storage is measured in gigabytes (GB).

The higher the number, the more data you can store on your device.

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