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Hot women also want to hook up once in a while and it seems that these sites are the ones they use to get their fix.That is why we are happy to recommend these sites – usually hook up sites are only about quantity, but the best hookup sites, like these, include plenty of quality as well. The other reason that these sites make our top 3 list, apart from the fact that we got laid a lot off these websites, is the fact that it was so simple, easy, and quick to set up dates and get down to business.

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The site offers Android and i Phone apps and appeals to web-savvy singles.

Over three months we exhaustively tested and reviewed the best, and worst, dating websites for hooking up in the UK.

If you are single in Britain and are looking for some easy sex with hot women then we have you covered.

Through all the hookup sites available in the UK, we could only find 3 sites that we were comfortable recommending to our fellow Brits: Using any, or ideally all three, of these sites will lead to plenty of sex for you.

We found that on these three sites, as opposed to 90% of the other sites that we tested, we were able to hook up with legitimate women, who were all up for fun. One of the problems you often find when using hook up sites as opposed to regular dating sites is that the quality of girl you find on said sites is, well, how shall we put it, a bit poundland.

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