Free cyber chat in english

It is not to allow myself to be spied upon by people I do not know who may or may not use what I say to a particular member as basis for them coming into the chat room or not.

Anyway, thats just mho Hug Nessagreycat......lobby is a general meeting place for everyone to get to know one another. the private rooms that are set up by members....have to be invited into by the member who created the room but the cyber room you can use if you are a paid member.

although the other rooms aren't used quite as often as the main chat room (lobby) they are still used everyone now & then.

all the rules of chat still apply in the other rooms with the exception of the cyber room...cyber is allowed in there but the posting of contact info as well as websites are a no no.

Chat means talk...have a room where others gather to talk.

When I go into chat, my intent is set to hold conversations with those in the room.

I volunteer to help coach moderators ;) One thing I do have to stress is that people sitting (Idling) in chat room and not participating is considered strolling which that person should be removed. Because they might be stuck in cyber world and forgot to shut down their window or the system is what we call "frozen".

I have been in the chat rooms here in BP and I could already tell who is "idling" or "frozen".

Using explicit terms in a conversation is considered cyber and it should be done in a cyber room. And don't get offended if a moderator ask you not to cyber because it's only a friendly reminder. By the way, I am one of those guilty ones who types without the brain functioning and I had been warned.

I respect that and I correct my action while in an open lobby (chat room).

TO THE MODERATORS: If any moderators really think they need the help, you all can ask me it's okay because even being a moderator for many years, I still learn.

There is a fine line between cyber sex and just simply joking around.

I had moderated chat rooms for a long time and I can tell when people are having cyber sex.

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