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He developed code to scramble phone numbers and stepped in when a real-world meeting was imminent, but he also feels ambiguous about the ethics of the prank: "They ignore all the signs, they ignore all the weird things," he says of the users.

"When someone is so quick to meet up without any detail or know anything about the person at all — maybe it’s deserved." Patrick's exploit reveals the weakness of Tinder's API — but also shows what happens when men's desperation is turned on each other: some turn to anger, others are confused, and still others appreciate the humor of it.

Patrick was a Tinder user (in fact, it's where he met his current girlfriend) and says that female friends of his would often complain about the messages they received on Tinder.

"The original idea was to throw that back into the face of the people doing it to see how they would react." Initially, he set out to build a Twitter bot that tweeted every first message a female friend received, but then he looked into Tinder’s API and found it had little safeguard from more extensive tweaks.

The photos were taken from her computer’s webcam, but she never took them.

It’s shocking, creepy and seems like it’s straight out of a movie.

Police have been focusing a lot of their time towards bringing down online hackers, which have really been upping their game lately.

A 27-year old woman recently contacted the police after having someone send her photos of herself naked.

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Never keep the default password; it’s like leaving your house key under your front doormat.

Tinder is notoriously vulnerable to hacks: in 2013, a loophole in the app could be harnessed to reveal users’ locations to within 100 feet.

Last summer, Valleywag reported on a number of techies who tweaked the system to automatically "mass-like" every girl they come across.

But above all, over and over, men breeze by every red flag that indicates they’re not speaking with a woman.

Evidently, the first symptom of extreme thirst is blindness.

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