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Perhaps the invisible beings who offer spiritual friendship and occasionally help individual humans, might actually exist in quantum and spiritual terms.Metaphysics, spirituality and even religion have experienced this “contact from beyond” for centuries but it has not been the domain of science – definitely not science!

While our Earth contains plasma, Other Earth contains dark plasma – it is a world of matter like our world, but it is dark matter. Dark energy and its counterpart dark matter (which is often in the form of dark plasma), have been presented by theoretical quantum physicists as invisible components of the universe because nothing else explains so many mysteries.Radios, cell phones, cameras, are often useless near UFOs as if these craft carry an electromagnetic energy which is alien to our technical devices and to Earth itself.For centuries, the Qu-ran has spoken of “jinns” who are said by Islamic scholars to be life-forms with transparent, shape-shifting bodies.For centuries, spiritual teachings have taught that angels are of a realm which is lighter in density; for millennia, metaphysics has proclaimed that ghosts are vaporous and plasma-like as they pass through walls and otherwise defy gravity.Phantom plasma ghost-lights glow on the road ahead, and then dematerialize.

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