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The mangaka’s sweet fundamentals are preserved, these are cheerful meaty girls, with huge breasts and large areolas, and adorable juicy lips.

Every girl loves intense creampies, and they’ve got the perfect male partner for that.

It’s all fun and games until Jenna’s husband catches them in the act! Ophelia Rain - Squeegee This Ophelia works the squeegee hard to make an extra buck.

She cleans Charles’ windshield getting all wet and wild in the process.

Her husband’s friend Isiah shows up needing a place to crash.

Annoyed, Jenna makes up the guest room while her husband shows Isiah his new wireless speaker.

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And, tossing aside the details making it a vanilla story (details that I’ll let you find out yourselves, it’s your WAFF, not mine ), we end up with decent sex with mutual love =) I wrote “decent” sex because of the censorship.

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Sarani, Nao-chan To Asedaku De Suru Hon, Sae-han Ni Oshioki Sareru Hon, Nao-chan To Asedaku De Suru Hon and Suzu To Gutei To Asamachi To. A share that made me rage (a father stealing his son’s wife), but that was pretty well drawn and hot?

Well, here’s the good news, Varkatzas666 has decensored it, thank you for this!

The Girls Lacrosse Club / Joshi Luck / Jyoshi Luck / Joshi Lacu series spans over several volumes: – (1) Girls Lacrosse Club, a splendid 269 pictures long manga (a series derived from a serialization called Motenai Girls, that was halted when the mangaka switched to another publisher) – (2) the Anekomori manga, 267 pictures long, almost entirely made of the sequel to Girls Lacrosse Club – (3) the current share, 2 Years Later, taking place, I shit you not, two years later.

In this new volume, we have a mix of girls from the previous issues still having sex, or coming back for sex, while new girls are starting to enjoy the action too.

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