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“I was always putting on plays or going to theater camp or, you know, trying to orchestrate little moments that brought attention to me,” she says.

“When we really started to work on [in 2009], there just was such a sense of being family and protecting one another.

“They would air it in blocks on weekends and I would tape them all and re-watch those VHS tapes over and over again.

Those sketches were very absurd, all the cross dressing, all the weird voices, all the minutiae they explored.”, driven by characters like Toni (Brownstein) and Candace (Armisen), whose “Feminist Bookstore” segments make Brownstein’s politics most apparent.

Tucker had become a mom, making road life difficult. “In order to keep that galvanizing quality, there has to be volatility. And emerging from such a high-profile chapter of her life only added to the pressure. “Our friendship started in stages because we were on opposite coasts so we didn’t get to spend that much time together.

And despite her ability to rule the stage, Brownstein was fighting crippling anxiety that led to panic attacks and hospital visits. “The identity that most people related me to was suddenly going to become something historical. But there was always a shorthand that we had,” she says.

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