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Martinson considered the possibility that these findings suggest offenders should be treated outside the prison, but quickly dismissed that idea.

In their review, he and his colleagues found no evidence that treatment outside the prison was any more effective than treatment in prison.

Interestingly, Martinson’s views were accepted by both progressive and conservative critics of the criminal justice system.

Progressive reformers criticized the rehabilitative ideal because it put disproportionate power in the hands of the state, and they found that the state used those powers in problematic ways.

Further, critical theorists like Michel Foucault (1977) problematized the rehabilitative ideal by arguing it widened the net of social control, serving to “enable the state to expand its power over the minds and bodies of socially disruptive, surplus, and/or vulnerable populations.” (Cullen 2005).Listen under inneholder en oversikt over land og generiske toppdomener i henhold til IANAs liste.Linkene går til registreringsenheten for det enkelte toppdomene. Vennligst gi oss beskjed hvis det er behov for å korrigere eller supplere oversikten.He called it “an unexamined assumption” that is “about to lose its privileged status as the unthinking axiom of public policy.” In 1975, he went on 60 Minutes and reiterated this message.Cullen says Martinson’s work was soon after “reified,” creating a widely accepted “nothing works doctrine” (Cullen 2005).

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