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i have been saying this for years now, but ever since MCR broke up, Frank hasn’t been as energetic.sometimes, in some shows, we see a hint of that energy that made him destroy the fucking microphones and kick shit around coming back.should’ve hit bob in the fucking face tbh.but more often than not, Frank plays with his hair on his face, eyes closed, and not moving around much. there’s nothing on stage that makes his blood boil Gerard licking his hands, touching himself indecently in front of thousands of people. and he lets out all that frustration through his lyrics, but at night he has to face it, he can’t show his scars, and he’s fucking cold as hell.i think this is my favourite part of Death Spells. they don’t name any names, but if you think a little, you can probably guess who Frank is referring to. This will allow you to make the most of your account with personalization, plus get access to commenting tools, exclusive games, the chance to win cool football prizes and much, much more.Are you planning to visit Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™?Title from Giddy Up - The Boyz lanceylance: okay so obviously i’m romeocarrierpidgeon: romeo was a playerkogayne: yep so he’s romeo and i’m juliet, who’s paris In which the team is in high school, and Lance makes a group chat (ft. Then comes high-on-marijuana-and-nicotine “Suga,” but Jeongguk is quick to find out that Suga and Yoongi are two different people. His knees hit the floor with a brutal knocking sound, painless. He makes the baseball team at his new school and meets Michael, the catcher who been out since his freshman year.

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Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr is the rhythmic guitarist co - lead guitarist and back up vocalist of My Chemical Romance which formed in 2001 with band mates Gerard Way, Mikey Way and Ray Toro.

) Yukhei frowns, clearly thinking, so Donghyuck brings out the big guns. But he couldn’t get up, no matter how hard he willed his feet to pick him up.“No,” he murmured. Luke has to deal with his newfound crush and the weight of the team as they look to him, the pitcher, to take them to state this year.

He leans his chin on his palm and looks at Yukhei with wide eyes. In a small town in America, pure-blooded werewolf Kim Namjoon is desperately in love...

After summer break Pidge brings everyone sunglasses. The only problem is that her friends and twin brother have a different idea.

Kieth, Lance, And Hunk are all trying to make it through their last year of high school. This is just a story about these teenagers doing regular teenage things, not dealing with murder mysteries and uncovering the dark secrets of the town.

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