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A competent investigator is cognizant of all the clues at a crime scene.Items such as credit-card receipts, legal papers, canceled checks, personal notes, leases, and other types of documents and writing may hold the clues to the motive.Examiners do not have clients; they represent the justice system.As a result, the examiner cannot become emotionally involved or empathetic.

More than million of worthless checks are passed daily.

There are dozens of components to consider when examining a signature or a document.

Characteristics to consider include the writing medium used and the surface it is written upon, the age of the paper or ink, and watermarks.

As new technology becomes available, the document examiner must stay on top of the latest state-of-the-art and work to anticipate the ways criminals may use new technology to their advantage.

The certified forensic document examiner must utilize all the latest techniques and technology that science has to offer when examining questioned documents.

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