Fish out of water dating

There is so much going on in the background, it's even more impossible to get it all in on a first viewing than with other episodes.

Little touches like cars driving on the left, alcohol patches, or how what seemed like an insignificant joke about the thumbs up gesture ends up hilarious by getting re-used in several different contexts.

Bea is talking to Clamantha about what it would be like to be in the play. He asks Oscar, who responds "Present and ready to learn, sir! They run toward Milo, which flies are now flying around him.

Oscar stops Bea, but to Milo convincing him that the pet store is like a video game.

The character of Bo Jack Horseman has really come into his own too.

Initially through the first part of season 1 it seemed a bit like this was going to be yet another "I used to be famous" type of story, but the character has developed into so much more.

This really shines through when he's attempting to return a lost baby and tries to make things right with Kelsey Jannings whom he got fired as director of Secretariat.

A truly beautiful episode that I had to watch again right away!

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