Face mates dating site

Social dynamics in the contemporary world are rapidly changing in response to online technologies.For many, online profiles on sites such as Facebook and Instagram contribute as much to their social lives as their real-world interactions.The observation of rapid sequential dependencies in face perception raises an interesting question about the way we judge the attractiveness of unfamiliar people who post profile pictures on online dating websites.In this context, users make sequential, dichotomous decisions about whether a face is attractive or not based on a brief glimpse of a profile picture.It is not clear whether sequential dependencies are robust enough to occur when attractiveness ratings are simplified to a simple dichotomy of attractive or not, as favoured by many online dating sites.

300 faces were briefly presented in a random sequence and participants made a binary attractiveness judgement about each one: attractive or not attractive.

For each subject, we calculated the mean of the 10 attractiveness judgements for each face and the overall mean attractiveness for the whole set of faces.

Faces with mean attractiveness less than the overall mean were categorised as not attractive, or as attractive when exceeding the overall mean.

Sixteen female undergraduate students from the University of Sydney served as participants, with half the group (n = 8) judging the attractiveness of Set A faces and the other half the Set B faces (the complementary sets to be used later).

A trial started with a face drawn randomly from the set of 30.

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