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A legal and regulatory framework may be viewed as a set of constitutional, legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential and managerial rules that together establish the voting rights citizens use to elect representatives.

Beyond the selection of public officials, citizens often use elections to accept or reject legislative bills, governmental decisions and resolutions.

While some countries have been democratic (as the Czech Republic), others may have never or not recently been so, such as may happen with those that have just finished a lengthy colonial period.

The democratization strategy followed in a country characterized by high levels of social development and education is unlikely to be similar to the one followed in a country lacking minimum social structures.

Back then, voting was undertaken to limit governmental powers, and political participation was limited to a small number of individuals (usually male and adult individuals).

It can be risky to rush the undertaking of a democratization process.Democratization seen as the conclusion of a process suggests that it is necessary to take into account each country’s particularities.Democratization is the final stage of a process that must not to be extended more than necessary.Furthermore, normative designs, the reform of normative designs, and the creation of international or regional electoral systems (European Union, Central American Parliament, for instance), the creation of national (in each single country), state, autonomous, departmental, municipal, or county electoral systems must take into account cultural, economic, legal, social and political particularities which affect electoral institutions and electoral processes.This reality is also imposed on both the execution and the adjudication of electoral laws.

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