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Your travels throughout Indonesia will be enriched by your exposure to the development of different art forms in each province. The mythical naga or dragon; the mamuli pendant - symbol of fertility from Sumba, the tree of life, the mythological beast Garuda (also a national symbol found on the Panca Silasymbol), all have special meanings in Indonesian traditions, myths and beliefs.

In addition, the purchase of various handicrafts is often associated with special memories ...

wonderful memories of vacations, the tukang and the fun of searching for the right piece.

With the rupiah exchange rate so favorable against most foreign currencies - great bargains are to be found in Indonesia!

If you develop a love for a particular item, seek out others who share your new hobby/collecting and learn the history of the items together.

Expats who fall in love with a particular art form may even plan their travel through the archipelago around their special interest, tracking down and viewing the making of the items in their places of origin.

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