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Nevertheless, The words are determination and preparation. That is because, essentially, Chevening always looks for individuals who have passion and know how to achieve their ambitions.The “Potential future leaders”, as they say it, the one that aspires to bring change to their respective country.When I did my personal statement, I structured it chronologically from the time I was still in undergraduate school, then to my first job, second job, until my recent activities.I did so in order to tell the Chevening Secretariat of my journey and what I plan to do with my study and after.The scholarship is extremely competitive so you need to make sure that your application shines above 700 other applicants or so.

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Chevening requires references from your employer and/or university lecturer.Time flies too fast I didn’t realize the autumn term 2013 has ended and I have now begun my second term at King’s College London. For those of you who are thinking of applying for this year’s intake, you are already late.It didn’t feel as quick in the beginning of last year when I was waiting for decision on my Chevening It was my second attempt to try applying for this prestigious scholarship. But don’t worry, Chevening scholarship opens every year usually right after the beginning of autumn term.All Christian, all single, and all completely 100% Free.Join now and find that special Christian person with whom you can relate.

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