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You could also take your search for love down to the local watering hole.Tallinn has lots of bars and pubs that are great for socializing.Much of their permanent collection comes from all over the European continent, as well as Asia, and the Western world.If you're more interested in music, be sure to set some time aside to attend the This is not an annual event, rather it is held every five years.All you need do to meet the next love of your life is immerse yourself in the city's happenings, and frequent places where you're likely to meet women who share your interests and passions.If your passions include history, you should spend some time at You could take a walk through the many exhibits, and initiate conversation with other museum-goers who catch your eye.Here you can learn about famous ship captains and voyages.You can also learn about ships and different seafaring vessels. You could go simply to walk through the exhibits, or you could take one of their guided tours.

You could go for a walk or run and get some exercise, or just relax, enjoy the beautiful sights, and see what happens.Another place to grab a drink, where there is a huge focus on community and socialization is This is a bar, theater, and community gathering space all in one. On their website they talk about how there aren't enough spaces dedicated to community and meeting new people.They also speak out against the norm of treating theater, and art in general, as a product meant for consumption.That's all the more reason to work it into your calender if you can.The next festival is set to take place in early July of 2019.

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