English to indonesian general sex chatting

Some are probably curious about how easy it is to have casual sex with Indonesian girls. The truth is the vast majority of them will not have any interest at all.

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Plus there are many single Chinese women in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta.

There will be lots of generalizing about what dating Indonesian girls is like, but that would be the case when talking about women from any country in the world.

Some girls may fit a certain profile, but there are always going to be many outliers from typical dating norms.

There is far less nightlife here than many Southeast Asian countries, or at least the ones that most foreigners frequent. That means going out to a club or bar to pick up chicks isn’t going to be easy.

There just aren’t that many places you can go for this, though the bigger cities do have options. The women dress conservatively so it can be hard to know who is even worth approaching, and if you don’t speak bahasa Indonesia you probably will have a hard time communicating.

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