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They are open and clear about their own beliefs, and use these beliefs as a ground for helping them make decisions.

They place peace and support on a high pedestal, and expect the same from others.

Those with a preference for the ENFJ Type are huge people-persons.

They enjoy coordinating events and activities for people in their personal and professional lives were everyone could relax and have a good time.

MBTI Test assessed ENFJ Types are often successful in the workplace because of several beneficial qualities: MBTI Test assessed ENFJ Types search for the most prized qualities in others, and work towards aiding them in becoming successful, making them excellent motivators and team members.

They are incredibly receptive to new designs and plans, and have a quick creative turn-around.

The ENFJ Type uses a great deal of their energy on the relationships that they value, and will even go so far as to end a relationship or friendship that isn’t fulfilling for them.

Others describe the Myers-Briggs test assessed ENFJ Type as approachable, accessible, and accommodating.

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The ENFJ Type may also fail to see important elements in times of decision making, allowing their beliefs to overshadow empirical data.

ENFJ Careers Click on one of these corresponding popular ENFJ Careers for detailed information including Career Stats, Income Stats, Daily Tasks and Required Education: Child Care Worker, Clergy, Customer Service Representative , Dental Assistant, Executive Secretary or Administrative Assistant, Health Educator, Host or Hostess, Instructional Coordinators, Interior Designers, Loan Counselors.

Further Understanding ENFJs ENFJs tend to be empathetic, emotional individuals who have a proclivity for drawing out the best in others.

By slowing down their decision making process and making sure to focus on the information available to them, as well as their own personal beliefs (and not those of others), ENFJ Types will learn to make much more informed, well thought out decisions.

With working on these skills and, at the same time, keeping their love for their fellow human, individuals who exhibit the ENFJ Type will find success in whatever career they choose.

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