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A cartoon of two Emos has a bubble which says: 'What rhymes with razor blade?

' But compared to the music, the poetry is positively cheerful.

The chorus goes: 'Stop my breathing and slit my throat, I must be an Emo.

I don't jump around when I go to shows, I must be an Emo.

How many bedroom walls have been plastered with posters of drippy pre-Raphaelite heroines, or Marc Bolan or Kurt Curbain?

When death is a long way off, you can afford to be more morbid about it.

I play guitar and write suicide notes, I must be an Emo.'The courting of misery and death is a long-established teenage tradition.

There is a also a term which is new to me and amounts to a much more dangerous teenage cult.

The Emos - short for Emotional - regard themselves as a cool, young sub-set of the Goths.

The Gothic bands have names such as Bloody, Dead And Sexy or Colder Than Death.

There is a genre, popular in Germany, known as Death Pop.

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