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Nineteen-year-old Amanda would then turn and naturally wiggle to the kitchen, all-too aware that her barely covered derrière, nude beneath her barely concealing heaven-high hem, and her superb brown bare firm calves and strong brown thighs, were stirring staring which she would sometimes turn her head to smile back at her devastated customers to thank them for. Her legs showed she was in-shape and that shape was fully fulsome felinely feminine.

Sometimes a wolf-whistle would split the air as Amanda disappeared with an order, and a subconscious extra-wide snake would then wriggle her all-girl gait. Amanda's legs were the transport of a delight, and transports of delight, with wonderful strong thighs and stretched softly smoothly muscular calves from her tiptoed erectness.

Compulsorily completely naked beneath their short-sleeved elongated, crimson, figure-hugging tee-shirt-cum-dresses, with nothing else allowed to be worn, bare legged, and wearing heelless tiptoe shoes on which they were constantly ballerinered atop their ballet-shoes' steel-capped squared-off toes, the compelling sight of the young girls Le Rosbif employed was now being enjoyed by businesswomen along the whole highway-chain of the British mainland.

Many of the waitresses wore their uniform warily and wearily, but Amanda's outstanding attractiveness continued to show in her ready and genuine smile and the spellbinding eye contact she made with her customers, even when her customers' eyes had invariably just run the amazing length of Amanda's stunningly shapely legs, and stopped off at the full firmness of Amanda's stupendous mountainous 40DD bosom, rolling enticingly excitingly freely, because completely unrestrained and unencumbered, before meeting the bright twinkling pitch-dark-brown glory, of Amanda's shining orbs, sparkling with her pride at her girlness and her knowledge of her girlness, and her knowledge that her girlness was taking her customers breath away.

Any girl who worked for Le Rosbif had to sign, and have double-witnessed, a contract.

By 2084, unless they were wealthy or had an original entrepreneurial idea for which they could get backing, only girlual labour, salesgirl, and truckess jobs remained open to women, and even these would be excluded them in time.

Unpopular at first, and known to have been lubricated by corruption, the policy had nonetheless worked, and Halter had thus won six successive ten-year terms of office.

And so once more this regular customer thought Amanda ten-billion-out-of-ten, and scored Amanda nought-out-of-ten and, knowing it was the end of her shift, waited in her car outside and watched for her to wiggle out, still in uniform, to the lucky girl in the open-top sports car who would peck Amanda on lips that honey could not out-taste, with the perfunctory greeting manner adopted by those fully familiar, because in a long-term relationship, and thus not needing to display in public the passion they could enjoy at any time of their choosing, in the privacy of a bedroom….. All twenty of its female fellows, toured the country and visited restaurants and bars to mark the girls for their performance in servile subservience.

Le Rosbif was not their only contract, but Amanda had made it by far their favourite. "Have you ever been fucked by a boy or boys Amanda" "Y.miss" Amanda whispered hanging her head in adorable embarrassment. " "Yes miss" Amanda tearful-eyed exquisitely lovely answered, her adorably constant-kiss-proffering lips quivering with fear as well as excruciating embarrassment. " Amanda's gloriously massively huge, wholly holy, firm breasts, rolled and swayed with her sobs.

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