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Bianca - Eden Riegel, JR - Jacob Young, Jamie - Justin Bruening, Trey - Sam Page, Maggie - Elizabeth Hendrickson. General Hospital: Sam: Jason, Steven, Brian, Jax, Lucky, and AJCarly: Sonny, Steven, Lorenzo, AJ, and Jax. Lana: Clark, Jason, and Whitney ( Same as Chloe )Alicia: Clark, Lex, and Jason. Everwood: Amy & Ephram, Hannah & Bright, and Delia & Bright ( she will be older ), Hannah & Reid, Amy & Reid, Delia & Reid ( Again older )7th Heaven: Ruthie: Martin, Mac, and Ben ( They will both be older. Grey's Anatomy: Christina & Alex, Meredith & Derek, Izzy & George, Christina & Derek, Meredith & George, Izzy & Alex ( all I got right now! Gilmore Girls: Rory & Tristan, Lane & Jess, Paris & Dean, Rory & Jess, Lorelai & Luke, Lane & Tristan, Paris & Jess, Rory & Logan, Lane & Logan, Paris & Tristan, Lane & Dean, Paris & Logan, and Rory & Dean.R., DIY Network, Scripps Networks Location: Scripps Convergence Lab Time: – a.m.Afternoon Session Panel: “Communicating News and Information in a Diverse Society” Moderator: Georgiana Vines, School of Journalism & Electronic Media Panel: Jamie Foster, News Director, WATE-TV Channel 6 Jesse Fox Mayshark, Managing Editor, Metro Pulse Carlos Nicho, President, Mundo Hispano Newspaper Jamie Satterfield, Reporter, Knoxville News Sentinel Location: Scripps Convergence Lab Time: - p.m.Diversity Week Keynote Address Keynote Speaker: Don Lemon, Anchor of CNN Newsroom - Weekend Prime-time and CNN Correspondent: "Diversity and Inclusion in America" Location: University Center Auditorium Time: – p.m.Tuesday, September 28 Morning Session Panel: “Overcoming Gender and Disability Stereotypes at UT” Moderator: Candace White, Associate Professor, School of Advertising & Public Relations Panel: Annazette Houston, Director, Office of Disability Services Kerry Howland, Assistant Director, Thornton Athletics Student Life Center Erin Whiteside, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Electronic Media 2 students, TBA Location: CCI Auditorium, COM 321 Time: – a.m.

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The legend goes that he ordered a waiter to bring him roast-beef between two slices of bread.The County, its officials and employees shall not be liable for any loss or injury caused in whole or part by its negligence, contingencies beyond its control, loss of data, or errors or omissions in the WWW site information or services.The sandwich, which is most popular with world-wide eaters, functions as a noun or a verb and usually prefers to have its name pronounced as SAND wich. Robin: Laney: Georgie: Brooke: Sage: The OC: Lindsay: Ryan, Luke, and Zach. Carly and Sonny have found their way back to each other, Sam & Jason are about to get married, and Ric has finally left crazy Alexis for Reese, Plus a new relationship for Robin and Steven and Skye and Lorenzo what else is going on in Port Charles!

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