Elite black dating sites www irish dating com

They seem to threaten people if they can't get the money through a direct debit, as some cancel their credit card..... I went to my bank and reported them for scamming their members check the reviews they aren't very good. But remove and cancel on the site, don't trust they will. Hi Lck, I would cancel absolutely everything to do with Elite..are nasty thieves!

I also put a dispute payment into pay pal, ignore their threats go to your bank and put a block on them..

There is nothing professional about the site or most of the people on it. Found a nice man but someone from 30 yrs ago, pleased, but this is a rotational fed on who they have on there books.

In particular, they don't even SHOW who is a paid member and who isn't. MY ISSUE is they charge you, then recharge you using your credit card without any notification.

Indeed I wish I could warn people against using this dating site. I think it's very sad that a company would take advantage of people who are looking for a good dating site. It is a total scam I have asked that they remove my profile, however they have not.

Please, if you are considering dating sites, DO NOT USE THIS SITE. This site makes it worse by taking all of your money and promising results it will not deliver on. Everyone is disappointed by every part of their experience with this site. There are very few users so your chances of meeting someone are minute. They just continue to take your money and the ease of use is extremely bad. My question is can they get the debt collection agency to track me down and make me pay up when I have tried to cancel after the next payment is due ? It's no better than any other site after my 6 months got nothing!

Had it not been for my very good understanding of legal term and preparation to fight this in the courts on principle, I am sure these folk would have continued to skim my Itunes account - unbeknownst to me - for the rest of my living years. If only I had read the reviews prior to signing up.

When you click from one suggestion to the next, you get a different photo, but the same name and information as the last person. Lots of men who looked more like my father, definitely not a match.

They need to spend money on fixing their site rather than on more false advertising. Have requested a full refund on the basis of false advertising and let's hope I get it. Paid for a dating website hopefully offering more matches in common with me (educated, successful late 30’s girl). Then most people on there aren't active users as they are sensible enough not to pay over the 0 for a months membership as they probably already found the same, no sane person joins this site.

I thought eharmony was bad, but this takes the cake. When I questioned Elite as to why they felt it appropriate to send me old man matches, they told me apparently us women don't mind physically repulsive old partners, nicely sexist huh?

I am not even that desperate, but I wanted to use a site with a more "targeted" approach.

The problem is that only bald men in their 50's- 90's, (yes I was sent a match of a dear old man of 88).

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