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Even though American women know deep down inside that men like feminine women with long hair, heels, sexy clothing, and pleasing attitudes, they refuse to act that way because they’re lazy, entitled, and want to be valued solely for their hamster brain.Today’s American woman rather masculinize the entire culture of women by shaming feminine behavior and spreading fat-is-healthy propaganda than grow out her goddamn hair.East European Women and the Battle of the Sexes in American Culture (PDF) interviews Eastern European women who have immigrated to the United States.Let’s begin with an EE woman sharing her views on gender roles: I won’t refuse to be a woman in any way.They barely stop short of saying that most EE women are sex slaves.This is despite the fact that they’ve never stepped foot into Eastern Europe. And I backed up, and I thought it was not worth it, because she wasn’t listening to me.” We have a name for that: the rationalization hamster.In America, you are considered a slave if you go out of your way to please men.EE women don’t feel that way: “I enjoy certain activities. Their assumption is that if I do cooking every day, I necessarily do it because I’m pressured by my husband.

They exist in South America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia, in case you’re wondering.Previously I have written how Western culture—particularly American—is toxic to women, causing them to be more masculine.I have stumbled on a research paper written a few years ago that matches my conclusions.They also avoid touch, gender specific topics in conversation, and sometimes they avoid interacting with American men altogether.So she touches less, treats all men like coworkers, and withdraws from meaningful interactions. Do you think you’d be more or less happy interacting with a woman who has these frigid traits?

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