Double your dating mastery with women

I just tried to set up a second date (which would indicate high Interest Level on her part) with Giselle for on Tuesday.She said she was catching up with friends on Tuesday and couldn’t do it. She then said -- again -- that she was catching up with friends!Of course, going by “” I knew at that point that I could only wait in silence for a counter-offer or flush her number down the toilet.Fortunately, she then said she was free on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.I just don’t want to experience the devastation of a broken heart again.

Still - highly recommended, if you can invest the amount in your future success with women.We have read hundreds of dating e Books over the past few years and far too many of them come up short to say the least.Many are filled with lots of "fluff" and bogus information.He advertises the use of visualization and affirmations to help you improve your dating life.Marie Forleo - (Make Every Man Want You, David De Angelo's Marie Interview) - She shares her approach to life and how to be a better you through listening and understanding.

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