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He reports that his readers have experienced greater success with women ( His advice is actually quite sound - that is, for American women.Summaries Challenge, according to Doc Love, is the most important reason that a woman is attracted to and chooses to stay in a relationship with one man over another.Challenge is defined as "allowing the woman to do the pursuing".Nonetheless, their teachings have some similarities and might be said to complement one another. I want a man who, when I test him, does not give in. Womanese for, "I nagged him to death." - "Our values changed".Both have as their primary target audience the nice guy who tends to befriend rather than attract the women he is romantically interested in ("Wimpus Americanus" in Doc Love's terminology - the seduction community term is Average Frustrated Chump) and both criticize this man's approach for being too eager to please, claiming that his accommodating behavior is precisely what is turning women off.: 1. Womanese for, "I dumped him because I couldn't change him." - "We are in a transitional stage." Womanese for, "He will be history next month." - "Where is this going? " - And (of particular interest to you, Jamie): "I love you". No gifts and no flowers, all of which she experiences as appeals for her approval.And for only ( ), you can know all the secrets of "The System" so you can be successful with (American) women.

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Womanese for, "Now you say, 'I love you'." Keep it positive Branden. (Don't try to impress her.) Don't talk about your feelings for her or your romantic Interest Level [degree of love]. 2) Do not touch her -- let her do all the touching If a girl likes you, she will automatically begin to touch you and will increase the frequency of touching as she spends more time with you.

If you try to raise her Interest Level by touching HER a lot, your actions will backfire. She will begin to feel uncomfortable, and she will withdraw from you. Branden, if you begin practicing these 3 simple principles from "The System", your love life will improve immensely and you won't have to go down in flames ever again. I disagree with the last bit, if you're intention is to move to her country, then its not a waste of time and its not a long distance relationship.

Most guys have absolutely no understanding of this principle of romantic relationships. Way too many guys have a terrible habit of talking about sex on a date. Even if she makes jokes or hints about sex, don't jump on it like most guys do. I'll have to write Dr Love when all this is said and done, I'm sure he'll be interested in what I have to say.

If you start trying to get your date turned on by talking about sex, you will turn her off! As for his "System" which includes the Three Rules, I have not broken any of them.

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