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It's quite possible that Robert isn't ready for the same type of commitment that Jackie is, so there could be a fallout from that in Season 3.

As for Frances, she just ended things with Andrew during "Going, Going ...

There aren’t many women I speak to who say that so that should give you some warning of what’s to come. He was my best friend’s brother and I always had a crush on him, but I was too young. We ran into each other a little bit later in life and after three months of dating, he asked me to marry him and I was like “I don’t know.”My parents were like, “Oh, yes, he’s a Christian man. I let my mom plan my wedding, and I think looking back, I was not ready at all.

So I went ahead and got married to him.“I think he’s changed his mind.”I remember hiding with the phone in the closet, he was sleeping. ”I said, “He hasn’t touched me since our honeymoon, it’s been three weeks.”She said “What? He doesn’t even kiss me goodnight.”She said “No, you’re exaggerating.”I said “No, something’s wrong.”This crap went on for twenty years.

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She knew that getting divorced was going to be difficult but she had no idea it would be quite the hell it was. I was too young and I just went with it but I wasn’t really excited about it.

What would happen, if she moved to the city, now that she's single? What does Robert's success look like, now that he has money? That could possibly lead her to relocate to New York City.

And Robert and Jackie's real estate partnership appears to be moving forward, which will give Robert that cash flow that Bicks mentioned.

Gone," so she's open romantically — and will be seeing Skip again.

Bicks also spoke to Collider about the possibility of Robert and Frances getting back together and made it pretty clear she has no plans on forcing that story line to occur.

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