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They may have lost to Cena and Bella just a few weeks ago at 'Mania, but these two are arguably the best thing in WWE right now. If they had a reality show following their proper lives around, we'd probably watch it.Hopefully they have a great run on RAW ahead of them.Instead of rummaging through the pages of the web to find out who your favorite and hottest WWE Divas are dating, look no further than this list.Now, some of these women may already be married, or they're currently engaged, so they may not be on the dating circuit, but there's no doubt they are dating or involved in a romantic relationship, so keep that in mind.Paige is yet to return to WWE TV since her initial wellness policy suspension. Everyone loves the cheerful and cute Bayley, yet WWE fans may not know about her future husband, Aaron Solow.The latter is an indy wrestler currently working on the smaller circuit; however, he did participate in WWE shows.

They have only dated each other, which is extremely rare nowadays.He auditioned for Tough Enough, and even made it as a stand-by wrestler in WWE's Cruiserweight Classic tournament. But he'll be able to enjoy many hugs from his future bride.He's been at the Performance Center too, which means maybe the company is keeping tabs on him. His girlfriend, on the other hand, is the most popular women's wrestler on the roster right now, so let's just say this couple is in good hands. Becky Lynch is one of the most dangerous competitors in the division.It seems she's getting ready to transition to a life away from the ring, as she and Cena have been off of WWE television since the proposal at Wrestle Mania.Everyone's favorite Canadian couple hasn't gotten too much attention these days, simply because Tyson Kidd has been out for nearly two years after taking a botched Muscle Buster by Samoa Joe.

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