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It’s possible to look for that special person without letting that search define you.

I have to wear flats that are fairly clunky and can’t go on long walks on the beach. That seems pretty bleak and lonely to me and I have quite a bit to offer: I’m loving, empathetic, a good listener, enjoy trying new things, affectionate, honest, generous with my time without being needy, and more.

I worry that no man will want an almost 42-year-old woman who is just getting back into the job market and, baring scientific miracles, will be hobbled on at least one leg.

Question 2: Is it foolish to be realistic, look at the odds, try and make a happy life for myself, but assume that romance is out for me? The dating market can be brutal and people can have crazy demands.

But the thing is, I doubt that you could ever really give up. For me, it felt the way comedian Margaret Cho once described trying to stay skinny—“like holding a basketball underwater.” I could tell myself I was giving up on my search for love.

I could try and push those feelings of longing down, but they’d invariably pop back up again. I accepted that it was there, allowed myself to feel it, and tried not to worry about it too much.

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