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Secondly, my other noticeable change would be to increase student engagement with academic affairs by utilising more effectively the SSLCs (Student Staff Liaison Committees). Not really funny, but on the night after my 21st I woke up with a shaven head.Which points in your Manifesto are you most passionate about? I already represent Arts and Culture for the Guild, so I feel this has given me a good understanding of the potential we have to improve. My three main policies would be improving the running of the Guild, fixing the room-booking service and protecting the arts as more people are let into the University. I’ve learnt all my pulling techniques from Mad Men.Also, I think as a half Lukie I’m the only candidate who has a realistic understanding of St Luke’s and the willpower to change it. For me, being a Sabb candidate isn’t a popularity contest. I’ve seen first hand the failings and areas of improvement within the Guild and feel I would fit really well into the role and do my best to speak on behalf of all students. Genuinely hadn’t thought about it much, but probably tears followed by hugs followed by the classic call home and then probably crash at home with champagne and Dominos and let it sink in for a while. I want to make sure that first years know exactly what services are there before they have a problem.

The visibility and availability of SABBs is something that’s really important.I’m using a different technique, as whilst they’re all screaming down Forum Hill: I go round the little academic buildings and talk to students who don’t usually vote, such as Postgraduates & International students. My ideas are realistic because I’m eager, committed and up for the challenge. I spoke to an engineering postgraduate the other day and he confirmed that I’ve done my research! I think providing free e-books of core texts is my strongest policy.I’ve witnessed the difficulties in a lack of cross-discipline communication and the fact that I’m raising the same issues clearly shows that nothing has been done. Texts can be extremely expensive and there should not be hidden course costs like this with the rise in fees.Where are we most likely to find you on a night out? Feasible, innovative change that gets your hair cut. The hairdressers at Cardiff University is the most profitable enterprise there. Can you expand on your ‘Puppies on Campus’ campaign? Quite a few people have said it’s got no backing but actually puppies have been scientifically proven to reduce stress.Firehouse for Extunes Live on Sunday nights: good drinks, fantastic music. It’s convenient for students, and would lead to a lot of money being put in to the Guild! I think it’s a preventative measure: Stress Less week is to get people thinking about their wellbeing before it’s an issue.

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