Direct online dating afro caribbean dating websites

Right now e Harmony is hesitant to get into this market because, they are afraid of losing their marriage minded reputation.

That is why one alternative solution to gain respect in this market share and by doing so creating more customers, is to create a separate website to target casual daters.

Each solution is a different strategy for the common goal, which is to remain the top match making website and increase its customer base.

The first solution offered to generating more customers is lowering the standards to become a member of e Harmony.

e Harmony can increase customers dramatically if it removes the fee.

Also, the matchmaking algorithm can separate e Harmony’s casual dating service from their competitors.The downside to this solution is that if e Harmony chooses to advertise the new website by associating themselves with the new site, it can harm their reputation of their current customer by, who are subscribed to get married.The third option is to include same sex matches into the system.e Harmony can easily do this by having the interested in men or women in their questionnaire.By doing this e Harmony is getting themselves into an increasing market, as being gay/ lesbian is increasing more acceptable in society.

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