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just reading The purpose of this summit is to dispel the vast majority of “Dating The Direct Dating Summit hoped to bring this message to the UK, and now – the rest of the world! Robert Kiyosaki – “How to Predict the Future” 3 Day Event DVD: Live an. The amount of emails I get from guys asking when the DVD is coming out is even more unbelievable. HASH: 1873ecb4f2dc6a3b08bb4843b33b7ee08d84c6ef *DDS Disc 1

Well, Now-its time for the Launch of 15 HOURS of recorded videos from the DDS Berlin seminar: Sasha: How Societal Pressure Keeps You MEDIOCRE And How To Break Out Of It So You 9 Tháng Chín 2011 Were so confident the Direct Dating Summit DVD will get you the results – Im going to send you guys a whole bunch of stuff just for signing up Direct Number Close – Infield Approach by Sasha.

Now, a few months ago, I was looking at all the footage from all the DDS talks, and thought: “Well, I could just put it all on a bunch of DVDs. Just charge guys like 0 bucks or something and they can get through it all at home in their own time.” But I didn’t want that. One common feedback from all the Direct Dating Summits from the students was, “Sasha, it was awesome…

but my brain is overloaded with so much information and I’m kinda overwhelmed! I’d be horrified to think what would happen if I just mailed out a stack of to give you just enough footage, together with actionable missions, as well as personalised feedback and support, so you'll never be overwhelmed with too much info or wonder what the next step you need to take is. ever, in high-quality HD format, all in an easy-to-absorb manner. ) For as long as you're in the program, you'll always have access to an ever-growing resource of cutting-edge mindsets, principles and techniques, all exclusive to Direct Dating Academy members only.

It’s not a magic pill (because you still have to go out and approach girls, duh!

) But with this program, you can have the principles, mindsets and techniques that the before I either increase the price or close the program’s doors for good, so close You Tube, Facebook and put that phone on silent and read this message all the way to the end if you want get in on this deal...

) Plus, I’m booked up for months, so even if you could afford that, it’d still be tough to get a spot!

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This was a few years into my journey, and I’d been ravenously consuming everything I could about picking up chicks, indirect game, routines, etc.Secondly, every single girl looked at us like we were crazy, and literally ran in the opposite direction as soon as we opened our mouth to say hi! In case you haven’t read it yet (and I encourage you to!Needless to say, after a million and one rejections, both me and my friend got fed up and decided to spend the winter chilling out in his warm apartment. ), here’s the main message I got out of the book: The very next day, I realized I had a perfect opportunity right in front of me...My purpose was clear: by giving these speakers as a big a platform as I could.So I worked my ass off to get everybody I knew in the London community to come along and experience these life-changing insights for themselves. Me and my team somehow put together an incredibly successful event (the first of its kind, and the first big event I'd ever done!

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