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In 2010, 0.79 percent of mortgages entered foreclosure; the number dropped to 0.29 percent in 2011.

Experts refer to these rates as artificially low, as they don’t reflect the number of delinquent mortgages.

*Basic eligibility is limited to: (a) single family owner/occupied dwellings with all those on the deed and mortgage occupying the house; (b) no more than one mortgage or lien encumbrance on the property; (c) no initiated or ongoing bankruptcy.

Our faculty represent a broad array of disciplines within economics.Part of the reason for high debts and delinquency rates is that home values have decreased.From 2006 to 2010, New Jersey homes lost 7.5 percent of their values, the 9th largest drop in the country.The family must document the financial reason for nonpayment.At the time of the eligibility decision, the household must have and document income sufficient to support the household and repay the loan.

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