Demon wind shuriken naruto dating sim

No longer seeing him as "flaky", she fell in love with him.

According to those who knew him personally, Minato was a very talented ninja prodigy — a rare genius that appeared only once in a generation.

When Minato was in the Ninja Academy, his classmate and future wife Kushina Uzumaki thought he looked "flaky" and even "girly".

He dreamed of being acknowledged by the Konoha villagers by becoming Hokage, which Kushina considered to be an impossible dream for someone like him.

When faced with an enemy, he is capable of killing in cold blood, and is well aware of the terror his steadily growing reputation inspires in his foes.

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His abilities were so far advanced that even A, the Third Raikage's son and already considered to be the next Raikage, thought that no one would be able to surpass him.Years later however, when Kushina was kidnapped by Kumogakure ninja, Minato was the only one to pick up on the fact that she was leaving behind strands of her red hair to mark their path.After rescuing her, Minato explained that he had always admired her hair.Minato's fighting style often excludes time consuming hand seals that give enemies an opening so he mainly relies on his two original techniques: the Flying Thunder God Technique and the Rasengan.One of Minato's trademark attributes is his immense speed and instantaneous reflexes.

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