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"They didn't know it was going to happen," she reveals. I have never seen a reaction like it," adds Arthur.

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While at Comic Con in San Diego earlier this year, Matt Smith and the Ponds decided to crash a party run by the makers of the Doctor Who Tumblr page (it's the second-biggest after Beyoncé's, which delights Karen).

"People were like [American accent] 'Sign my Tardis!

' We just thought, 'This is never going to happen again so we should enjoy it.'" They wrapped filming in New York a couple of months ago and dived straight into the pile of job offers awaiting them.

She, meanwhile, is the kind of woman who can wear mohair with a leather skirt and opaque tights on a thick summer's day and not sweat at all.

As soon as the photographer starts clicking, the pair swing into action. It was April 2010 when the Doctor first crash-landed his Tardis in Amelia Pond's back garden but it seems like longer ago, probably because so much has been packed into the two-and-a-half years since (and also because time has no meaning in Steven Moffat's infuriatingly fluid universe).

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