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Discovering that we used to give Worst of Baltimores, too. Fear not, no Worst-ofs in this issue, only our absolute faves in the fields of Arts, Food, Fun, Lifestyle, News, and Service.

Plus, we share a few of the most memorable Bo Bs of yore (Oh, hey there, Sisqo!

They’ve been on a European tour, and Pitchfork called “Seasons,” from their latest album Singles, the best track of 2014.

Lead singer Sam Herring’s iconic dance moves once again made an impact on the Any year Anne Tyler publishes a book it’s difficult to recognize anyone but the acclaimed Baltimore resident.

Baltimore native Angel Kristi Williams’s work, which was screened at the 2015 Maryland Film Festival, centers on a teenage girl who has fallen for her best friend.

He challenged viewers at the Creative Alliance, where he is an artist-in-residence, with works that examined the nation’s often-uncomfortable history with race and social justice.

One such piece included Ku Klux Klan robes surrounding a charred cross, inscribed with hymns from Rucker’s childhood.

In regular BSA fashion, the students performed with true artistry.

It’s incredible that they are still teenagers, and their futures are obviously bright.

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